Why use Emailinspector?

Email databases decay at an alarming rate. It is imperative to keep your data as accurate and as clean as possible to maintain a good sender reputation and improve the deliverability of your email list.

Email Inspector is a revolutionary new way of updating and cleansing your email addresses without risking blacklisting your IP. This online service allows you to upload bulk lists of email addresses to check for bounces, wrong addresses and duplicates and leaves you with a clean and up-to-date list that is ready for use.

We can also take your database in-house for further analysis to strip out known complainers and run it against our master spam trap file in our full bureau service.

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Verify data collected through your website or call centre

Speak to us about email data received through your call centre or web capture forms. Use our web service to validate email addresses at the point of capture, therefore only accepting valid email addresses from the start.