How it works

What do we check?

We can verify your list and quickly flag the status of each email address by checking:

• The syntax of the email address
• The domain element of the email address to ensure it is configured to accept emails
• The existence of the mailbox (known as a SMTP check)
We never send an email during our checks

Receive the results within minutes, clearly marked with a traffic light system.

Invalid – Red is flagged for any email addresses that failed the checks and should not be delivered to for a number of reasons as they will bounce. This identifies email addresses that are incorrectly formatted, or the email address does not exist. A high hard bounce rate is bad news, and can get your servers listed for spamming.

Unknown – Email addresses that are returned as ‘unknown’ needed to be treated with caution as their validity can only be determined by sending an email to them. We can advise you on various techniques to make that final verification on these ‘unknowns’.

OK – The email addresses that are flagged with the status ‘OK’ identify that they OK for sending.

Our bureau service includes a further analysis to run your database past our master spam trap file of over 3 million records and includes a fully reported 4 step process.

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