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Have an email database which requires immediate cleansing? Discover how cost effective our online package can be

With our online 3 day and monthly verification plans you have access to your own dashboard to log in, upload lists and retrieve the results in real-time from as little as £15.

We have a plan to suit any requirement, whether it is a one-off list verification or for ongoing regular use. Email Inspector plans include:
• Online 3 day Plans – Ad hoc jobs
• Online Monthly Subscriptions – Best value for large lists or regular use



Have a larger list or experiencing problems with your data set? Our in-house team can run a multi-stage full email verification process on your database

If you have a list that contains over 100,000 email addresses or you are looking for a faster turnaround on getting your list clean and up-to-date, our bureau service is for you.

We take your database in-house and put it through a 4 stage process:
• Initial File Analysis – Duplicate and ill-formed addresses removed
• Data Scrub – Spam trap addresses identified and removed
• Top Level Inspection – Initial bounces identified and removed
• Full Validation – Final verification to rectify every record



Receiving invalid email addresses through your website forms? Integrate our real time checker for 100% accuracy from the start

Run checks immediately and simply pay per month or pay per check made, which ever best suits your usage.
• Ask your website manager to integrate Emailinspector-RealTime
• Once implementation is complete, contact our team to activate your license